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Take a breath: Vaping in children, with LifeEd Lisa Woodward

March 20, 2024 Rachel Chappell and Sarah Levett Season 3 Episode 4
The Parenting Couch
Take a breath: Vaping in children, with LifeEd Lisa Woodward
Show Notes

Vapes, e-cigarettes, stigs, pods… they go by many names and they pose a health risk to our young people.

Would your Year 5 or 6 child know what to do if a vape was offered to them? Would they understand the dangers? Would they know how to say "no"?

It's frighteningly easy for kids to come across vapes. They might find one on the side of the road (yuck!) or have one offered one to them by a friend with older siblings.

Vaping is on the rise with younger kids. Healthy Harold has launched a brand new program designed for kids in primary school, so that when they're offered a vape for the first time, they already have the knowledge and skills to make an informed decision.

Listen to this interview with Lisa Woodward from Life Ed... who shares her insights into what's happening right now with vaping & teens, and why it's more important than ever to educate kids at a younger age.

About Life Ed

LifeEd run fun educational lessons at schools to help kids make safer, healthier and happier choices.

They have recently added a new module to their program, called ‘Take a Breath’ - and it’s for kids in Year 5 and Year 6 at Primary School, to teach them about the dangers of vaping.

Their programs are delivered by a team of specially trained educators and supported by tune in lessons prior to the visit and a series of post-visit resources, their evidence-based program is not a rule book and does not dictate to children, this is essential to our success. Adopting a system-wide approach, their program is most effective when engaging the entire school community; students, teachers and parents. Delivered face to face or virtually.

About Lisa Woodward

As Life Ed Australia’s Content Development Manager, Lisa Woodward is a master of shaping engaging material. But more than this, she has a clear goal in mind: “for every young person in Australia to see someone like them in Life Ed’s educational content.”

Her passion for education and representation comes from her many years of experience at Life Ed. Since 1992, she has used her knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm to educate hundreds of young people across Australia. Over the years, she’s been an Educator, trainer, manager, and she’s played an integral part in the creation of Life Ed’s preschool, primary and secondary programs.

She was appointed National Professional Learning Manager in 2018, where she developed and delivered quality training and professional development initiatives to all Educators across Australia.

In 2021, Lisa was seconded to the National Program Development team where she led the redevelopment of new Early Childhood Education resources and some of Life Ed’s most popular modules – including bCyberwise and Relate Respect Connect.

In 2022, Lisa developed and managed the creation of two new modules – Friends and Feelings and The Inside Story.

Lisa is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion and the empowerment of children as she co-designs much of the educational content Life Ed develops with young people, providing them a platform to have their unique voices and life experiences heard.

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